New crackdown on sexy coed uniforms

August 19th, 2009

Thai coeds in short skirts

While enjoying a latte today at Starbucks (thanks to a nice reader’s donation) I read a story about a new push for yet another attempt to crackdown on the “inappropriate” way Thai university students are wearing their uniforms. You know what this is about, the very short and very tight way the college girls wear their uniforms, as demonstrated in that photo.

This time some adminstrators at Chulalongkorn are pushing for the government to form a “Social Cabinet” to set standards and enforce them. Oh no, is this the end of Chula bunnies?! I don’t know about that but I do think that it is a bit much to get the government involved it something like this. What are they going to do, pass new laws? And then what, have the police enforce them? That would probably lead to some bad side effects. I mean, normally when the police catch somebody committing a minor offence they demand some money. In this case when they see a girl in a skirt that is way too short what are they going to demand? I can only imagine.

Thai coed too cute

Then you have the problem that this coed has. Even when they wear their uniforms properly they are still too cute. You can see some more examples in a previous post about today’s Thai coeds. I suppose that’s not something they could crack down on. The serious school uniform violation problem looks more like this one below.

Thai coed uniform violation

I thought that the schools should be able to enforce a dress code themselves but I suppose they can’t do anything about what students do when they are off campus without having coed uniform police patrolling all the places the students hang out.

One thing they want to do is put pressure on celebrities to wear proper attire and not be bad role models for students. But as far as I have seen when stars dress as students they wear the uniform properly. Panward Hemmanee for example as a very cute student.

Panward Hemmanee very cute college student

She also suffers from being too cute so maybe those strict administrators would have a problem with her in a college uniform.

This debate about coed uniforms has been going on a long time and I think it will continue. For lots of my previous reporting on it along with many photos check out posts on my old blog about Thai coeds. Don’t be scared by the content warning that the creepy people at Google show when you go to the blog. There is nothing nasty there.


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13 Responses to “New crackdown on sexy coed uniforms”

  1. John Says:

    I agree with you – I see no reason for the Government and police to become involved. And if they insist, there is no need for laws – they need to pressure the Universities (via funding restrictions) to create and enforce dress codes.

    I fully understand how distracting cute hotties in tight, short skirts can be to males between the age of about 11 and death – but it does seem that there are far more important issues to worry about.

    Lovely eye-candy, Ms. AS.

  2. Gio Says:

    Lame. I agree w/ both of you. This is not the government’s problem or buisness. There is more important things to worry about.

  3. Paul - Bangkok Says:

    Once a girl leaves the university grounds she can do whatever she wants. I don’t see where the government or university can have any control. What will they do if the girls just change into short shorts. Maybe they should be concentrating on funding the students so they don’t have to work in karaoke bars etc.

  4. Bono Says:

    Well look… it’s just stupid for the government to do anything about those girls. If they want to wear skanky outfits let them be.

  5. Al Says:

    Thai uniforms (especially those sexy ones) look so much better than japanese uniforms, and thats rare coming from me. Japanese uniforms look flamboyant, frilled, and sometimes over the top. Thai uniforms look simple yet elegant. Not to mention attractive on a girl.


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  7. William Says:

    I agree with most of the posts here… leave the poor girls alone… yeah, some go over the top, but so what… the really cute ones will look cute no matter what… I read in another blog, that the first photo was touched up, that this is not the real photo of those two girls… watching thai university girls in their uniforms is one of my favorite pastimes when I get to Bangkok from Lopburi… such a beautiful assortment… Lopburi has some but nothing like the Bangkok girls… :-)

  8. craig Says:

    For some reason besides the obvious I like to poke fun at Al.

    Sir, are you trying to tell us that the Japanese do not understand the school girl uniform thing or the school girl anthem? Ah, they invented it and until the Thai or Chinese can break copy right on that mind warp there is no debate.

    Al, I have issues with the Japanese. It is largely due to their refusal to cook the food and want to serve it to me raw (kind of like they are fishing). I don’t bite on bait.

    Join me Al to fight these barbarians but if you want pick the fight over the schoolgirl I am afraid we are both doomed.

  9. craig Says:

    Looks to me like Al and I are on are a sidebar. Al seems to like them dressed up “elegant” and I prefer the naughty Japanese approach to be the best.

    That is a difference in taste and it great we all have different tastes or the entire damn thing would not work.

    What the Government will do is what the Government will do and has nothing to do with sexy schoolgirls.

    I may be off topic and I have been accused of hijacking rants and emails.

    Let me ask Sweetheart a question.

    Is this about the Government or a sexy schoolgirl topic?

    But, common sense would tell me that she is capable of reporting a story without sexy girls if I she wanted to talk about the bad Government.

    Da. Let’s see some skirt.

    So I will bring my questions back around to the English teachers, the intellectuals.

    No, I will now wait for the opening.

    SH, I have said before the most visceral practitioners in life are those that consider themselves intellectual.

    My Dear, I am not in that group. I am just a sidewalk social scientist that understands BS when it is written with the intention of being sold. I will get back to the English teachers later.

    Why wait for me? Go to any bar in Pattaya and ask where the English teachers are and you may be surprised.

    I am good with Al. He is OK. He speaks his mind and does not hide agenda. I like men that are honest.

  10. Tony Says:

    Bad idea!! The next thing you know all the muslims will be stepping up to say they should be wearing those head-to-toe birkas their women wear. Sharia Law Sucks!!!

  11. bunny hunter Says:

    That’s a very good law! If I were the government, I would also take those naughty little girls aside and teach them a lesson!

    Here’s to police academy enrollment shooting up (and, sadly, university lecturers moving to Japan).

  12. AsianSweetheart Says:

    The girls in the video are cute but those type of YouTube videos I find annoying because they are just still photos and not videos at all.

  13. AsianSweetheart Says:

    It’s still there. Don’t be alarmed by the big scary Content Warning that the creepy Google people put up.

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