Ploy seems a little down on men

October 6th, 2009
Ploy Cherman Boonyasak on the cover of Lips Ploy Cherman Boonyasak is hot and has been for a while. She's getting lots of acting parts and plenty of commercial spots. Lots of suitors as well I guess. But according to Hello Magazine via Dirtii Laundry none of them are gentlemen. She sounds pretty bitter. I guess she hasn't had much luck in past relationships. A couple of quotes:
“From what I remember, there’s no such thing as a gentleman, I’ve never met one. I don’t even believe that they exist” “The only one gentleman that I know is my dad, aside from him, I’ve never met anyone else”
I must say, I have met quite a few gentlemen. I think she is beautiful but maybe that is only on the outside. Ploy might need to look at herself to understand why she never meets gentlemen.Does that sound mean? It is not meant to be but it is really the truth. You have to look at your own qualities and where you have chosen to place yourself if you realize are not surrounded by quality people. Or maybe she needs to consider other alternatives. Ploy Lila Boonyasak girlfriends hugging Maybe she already is? Hehe.