Thai gambling down due to Cambodia dispute

November 10th, 2009

Sexy gambler

A story in yesterday’s The Nation said that the number of Thai people crossing over to gamble in Cambodia is down by 40% since our PM asked everyone to boycott Cambodia over the dispute about Thaksin. You know, the government of Cambodia invited Thaksin to be their financial advisor. There used to be an extradition treaty between the two countries. I guess that doesn’t matter anymore.

The thing I was wondering about is how do they know the number of gamblers is down 40%? Gambling is illegal in Thailand and going across the border for the purpose of gambling is also illegal, or at least there was some effort to crack down on that in the past. So how do they get this 40% number? Nobody is going to say yeah, I went gambling last week but I’m not anymore after our PM called for the boycott. Maybe they just assume everybody going across the border goes to gamble and the number of crossings is down 40%. Seems weird.

I have never been there. I wonder if it looks at all like that photo at those Cambodian casinos.



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12 Responses to “Thai gambling down due to Cambodia dispute”

  1. Gio Says:

    I that is what it looks like I wanna go to Cambodia! :)

  2. John Says:

    Very interesting question.
    And a very nice bit of eye candy to illustrate your story.

  3. AsianSweetheart Says:

    I gotta keep the posts on topic and the topic is always Asian hotties :)

  4. Jocko Says:

    Are you sure it’s illegal for Thais to gamble outside the country? I am not sure the police could even enforce this as probably thousands cross the border daily to gamble. I used to take the casino bus from Lumpini Park to Poi Pet myself on visa runs.

  5. Jocko Says:

    Also, I have heard all those casinos between Thai and Cambodian entry areas near Poi Pet are owned by Thais, anyway.

  6. AsianSweetheart Says:

    No, I’m not sure. Some time ago there was some attempt to crack down on it because the Thai government doesn’t like it. But it was probably just some kind of harassment, or maybe there is some law about taking money across the border, something like that.

  7. tomboy Says:

    I was in Poipet once many years ago just to accompany friends who are casino gamblers. The bus left Lumbini park early in the morning and we arrived in Aran about 9 am. We were told the casino owners are Thais even though the staff members are Cambodians — nothing wrong there because gambling is illegal in Thai territory so why not set up casinos outside this country, in fact only about 200 meters from the border. If there are less casino visitors, the ones most affected are Thai owners. Of course, I also doubt from where the nation got this info about 40-percent decrease. this newspaper often operates in guesswork without providing any source.

  8. Leroy Says:

    They need to for crack down on things if there is going to be crack whores on the table.
    Ya get those chips out there and you get people that mean business (or they hope) and then someone throws a crack whore on the table…… I am sorry to break it to you but this is a common thing.
    Well if this thing is Cambodian so be it but if Thailand is to adopt such measures I do advise against it.
    But let’s be kind to the Government as they will most certainly lean towards vise if they can obtain more power and profit.
    Remember morality is quite a gray area and can be explained as somewhat of neutral color, by the right person. Grey area only requires a bit of word-smithing to make it sold as family friendly.

  9. William Says:

    ha ha ha… sorry Leroy, but you must be nuts or gay!! what’s wrong with a crack whore on the table, especially if she looks like this.. Don’t take life so serious.. Most of my friends that go to the casino’s in Cambodia, tell me, yes, most of the Casino’s are owned by Thai’s. Actually, they said they have yet to go in a Casino in Cambodia that wasn’t owned by a Thai. Isn’t this what you would call, two-faced? Supporting no gambling in Thailand, but owning a casino in Cambodia? Actually, I think it’s what you would call “thinking like Thaksin”.. Business is business, and patriotism is patriotism. Not including that gambling is again’st the Buddha’s precepts. But according to the “Thaksin” mind-set philosophy, religion is religion and business is business, right? :-)

  10. Leroy Says:


    This is Craig . Could not your bonehead self think that perhaps one could remember and understand a unique style of writing and comment before you stick your dagger tongue out there to be chopped off?

    It is like Da…….

    Are you calling me gay? There is no evidence to support that unless you ask my GF as to her inability to understand my lack of enthusiasm on upgrading her tits to be that upwards of a 7 year old boy. Therefore she may spread lies about me that no one that knows me would believe.

    Yes this is the same 27 year old woman that I was going to throw off the top of Zen Rooftop during the DJ Tiesto performance last summer because of the Thai tit thing.

    Would you like to walk in my shoes as you become a sidewalk social scientist and combine your deep understanding of “stuff” into something coherent?

    I think I will sit back William and watch you talk about dresses and fem stuff.

    Do you and Al share a room?


  11. Leroy Says:


    Thailand already has a lot on the table as far as sex (let’s not be shy) and I do not think they can and should offer more.
    And that is a good thing.

    With the sex industry anyone can read of the tremendous explosion of drug use and crime of Thai people commit upon Thai people that you currently bare responsability on as a Thai woman and Thai citizen.

    I am not sure if the additional promotion of vice that cannot be currently maintained is the best solution for the Thai people (or any people).

    Any Thai person that currently needs 1000 THB and does not have it has to go to the Thai mafia and will be owned because the 1000 THB can’t be re-paid (realistically).

    And now you want to gamble?

    Are you sure?

    Don’t do this. Final warning!

    tomboy, poipet..u want Thailand to look like that? Was it ugly or pretty?


  12. AsianSweetheart Says:

    A lot of stuff mashed together, but this – I’m responsible for what other people do? Basically that’s not a fact of life. If I entice them to make them do something bad I have karmic results, but they are still responsible for their own choices. If the Thai police don’t enforce the laws, that is so far removed from any influence I have there are probably not even any karmic results for me, certainly zero responsibility.

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