Can it get any weirder with Pimai?

March 31st, 2010

Busty Thai model Pimai

So I’m catching up on the stars gossip today and I see the story about Pah Tob and Pimai getting married. Yes, that’s right, the very rich and very unattractive lesbian Hi-So entertainment mogul Pah Tob and the young and very busty model (being generous) and actress (being very generous) Pimai Sumonrat are getting married.

Note: I’m not posting any more photos of Pah Tob so don’t worry. I’m sticking with Pimai pix. Big ones. So click ‘em.

Pimai bikini wedding dress

Dirtii Laundry has the full interview translated to English and the news that Pimai will be wearing a bikini as her wedding dress. Uh, ok, that’s lovely. But then this extra information from the interview:

Interviewer: What are you planning to wear as your wedding dress?
Peemai: A bikini
Pah Tob: That’s right, she will wear it for two minutes and then she’ll take it off

All I can say is eww.


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11 Responses to “Can it get any weirder with Pimai?”

  1. E. Spitzer Says:

    Lesbians couples are supposed to be hot , dammit !

    I want to see Yard and Pinky get married

  2. John Says:

    “bikini wedding dress” – interesting. Top white, bottom black. Now that’s a mixed message, if ever there were one.
    I just realized that’s probably a pretty cultural-specific connection: white with virginal & weddings.
    What are the Thai associations between colors and events, like weddings?

  3. AsianSweetheart Says:

    Well, traditional Thai wedding attire is nothing like western. So the colors don’t have any meaning like that. But it is popular now to wear a western style wedding dress. Still, I don’t think the colors mean anything other than it is western style to wear a white wedding dress.

  4. AsianSweetheart Says:

    Welcome to my blog E. Spitzer. I’m happy you have time to visit even though you must be quite busy trying to out maneuver that prostitution investigation.

    So you really like Yardthip and Pinky? Not my favorite. I don’t like that mixed khaek look. But if you do then the two of them together would be pretty hot.

  5. E. Spitzer Says:

    Vile slander spread by my republican opponents, I was merely helping the young ladies with their biology homework.

    But back to the important point at hand, who would be your favorite lesbian couple ?

    Noon W and Amy Morakot ?
    May Pitchanart and Pooh Praiya ?
    Or Pancake and a mirror ?

  6. AsianSweetheart Says:

    I think Noon is so sweet and I like her too much the way she is so I wouldn’t want to see her change her image. Pancake also very sweet the way she is so she shouldn’t change. May and Poo I would like. I could see them both getting sort of rough with each other.

  7. William Says:

    This is too unbelievable to even contemplate.. :-( I guess Pimai is looking for a rich backer for films and music video’s. I am guessing, that Thailand has no qualms about same sex marriage? Is it legal, or do they just ignore it?

  8. AsianSweetheart Says:

    Same sex couples are so open in Thailand but my understanding is they cannot be legally married. There was a recent article in the Bangkok Post about it here. It gets complicated in cases where one of the people is transsexual or appears to be the opposite sex but really isn’t.

  9. Al Says:

    Her wedding dress is a bikini? Hahahaha….
    AT least its going to be cheaper.

    An attire like that in the United States is heavily frowned upon.

  10. PinkSamantha Says:

    @ John

    Particular color for Pimai’s gown? Rainbow! It has “the” meaning, no? XD

    And Pah Tob should wear a sugar sack or a wooden barrel. Any color will do, it will suit her character perfectly.

    And how about we “help” Pimai to find a better partner/lover?

    @ AS

    “May and Poo… I could see them both getting sort of rough with each other.”

    HEY! That’s my fantasy! You stole it! Not fair!

    @ E. Spitzer + AS

    “…who would be your favorite lesbian couple?”

    Ohoho, you don’t want to drag me into this…
    It’s a gossip me and my friends never got bored of. XD
    How about…

    – Aum and Yardthip? Definitely my hottest couple, hihihi.

    – May and Pang? One of the best couples to me, especially if they’re getting a bit “rough” with each other, tee-hee.

    – Pimai and other than Pah Tob? Lol XD I forgot the name, but she appeared in Mars once and had a feud with Dome about BlackBerry pin.

    – Kratae and Pare GND?

    – Chompoo and Natalie (Davis)? Lol again XD Best couple with farang look? Or Chompoo and Taengmo?

    – Nanny or Gybzy and Nong Stop? The latter was featured in one of AS’ previous posts.

    @ William + AS

    What I heard from my gf (she’s a Thai), I also thought people in Thailand just ignored it. I never thought it’s illegal. X(

  11. AsianSweetheart Says:

    Ahh, I’m glad PS came by to comment on this. So smart on the bikini color, of course!

    On the lesbian couple thing, May and Pang already seem to like each other, check this photo, hehe.

    Same sex marriages aren’t “illegal” it is just that they are not legally recognized, like you can’t get the benefits of being legally married.

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