Please examine Joy’s breasts

March 14th, 2010

In an earlier post about another sexy party at Colognze in Bangkok I mentioned that the too-sexy-for-this-blog photos included a couple of shots of Thai Penthouse model Joy Pimrawin. She is strutting around topless wearing just a bikini bottom and pasties. I would like my readers to examine those photos and tell me what you think.

They are in the Secret Photo Dump and subscribers to my blog by email through Feedblitz were sent the access code for these photos. Joy’s breasts look rather misshapen in a couple photos and I am wondering if this is the normal result of having breast implants. Please leave comments with your expert opinions after carefully examining Joy’s breasts.

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15 Responses to “Please examine Joy’s breasts”

  1. PinkSamantha Says:

    Actually this is the first time I see something like that. I don’t know, but I think that’s because of her silicon bag, if she used any. Too bad there’s no shot from the front side, though. I’m curious how will it look like from the front.

    The “burden” we women have if we have breast implant is that we have to adjust it periodically, since our physic is always changing over time. I never met anyone who has breast implant before, but my friends told me that if we have breast implant we need to do some regular “maintenance”. Joy’s probably too lazy to do such thing. Maybe she didn’t take care of her implant carefully.

    Hmm… I’m glad I’m satisfied with my breast size, because I’ll never need anything like that. In my personal opinion, Joy’s breast looks disturbing.

  2. Ari Says:

    To tell you the truth, I don’t see anything wrong. Maybe the implants were put in some time ago and the size is stretching her skin a bit but I would think that is normal.

    Personally they are WAY to big for my taste.

  3. John Says:

    Sorry – I don’t have any expertise in this area. However, I agree that her breasts seem to have an unnatural shape.

    Thanks for sharing the photos.

  4. AsianSweetheart Says:

    Interesting, so breast implants require maintenance. Makes sense since our bodies change over time.

  5. Luke Says:

    I think implants often look great in clothes but sometimes a bit wrong when naked. There is also vastly different quality in the surgery and Thai surgeons seem to favour western style implants that look very fake.

  6. AsianSweetheart Says:

    I think that is true, the part about the styles of surgery. The Thai girls who show, like in the low budget magazines, have awful looking implants, same hard plastic style as I see so many Americans have. But the Japanese seem to have much softer and more natural looking implants, although I don’t really know because I’m no expert and they look natural so hard to tell.

  7. PinkSamantha Says:

    I dated some Japanese girls few years ago, and most of them have breast size most women don’t have. I don’t know if they use implants, but I doubt they use any. I heard from many Japanese that it’s common for a Japanese girl to have D or E cup size, sometimes even F. They said not every Japanese girls has big breast, but most of them have it because of the genetic factor, so it’s natural.

    Well, I believe the breast is natural if it’s just an every-day woman or a schoolgirl. But I won’t believe a JAV actress has a big, natural breast. At least I won’t believe it that easy. XD

    And about the big, natural breast of Japanese women? Believe me, it’s natural. I touched them with my bare hands. Tee-hee. ;)

  8. AsianSweetheart Says:

    You got to inspect them yourself? You’re so lucky!

  9. Jim Says:

    They have that ‘headlight’ look too common in breast enhancement. Too big to stick straight out like that unless she was maybe 18. Not very attractive to me, but I guess lots of farang guys love it. This kind of enhancement doesn’t ‘feel’ good to a partner, either. Like rocks with nipples.

    As Luke hints, she probably looks great in clothes. Naked, she does not look very natural.

  10. PinkSamantha Says:


    When you were with a Japanese woman who has big breast, together in a room and doing… you know, “so close” thingy, you might want to do some touchy-touchy, hee hee hee ;)

    It’s an almost-exclusive “right” for us women to do that freely. You know men will struggle and try hard not to get slapped when they do that. XD

    @ Jim

    I dated a Thai woman with implants in the past. I wasn’t sure if it didn’t feel good, but I knew it didn’t feel natural when I groped it (sorry). It felt like I was holding a skin-covered plastic bag filled with water or jelly in my palm. Also it didn’t bounce naturally and felt so weird when we were hugging or squeezed our breast together. X(

    In short, I think most people, especially men, will only like to see it, not to “feel” it.

  11. AsianSweetheart Says:

    I know what you mean about the hugging. I had a Chinese girlfriend in America who had implants. When we hugged (just hugging, nothing else) they felt so solid. When I hug other girls unless they are really big I don’t really notice the feeling of their breasts against me.

  12. PinkSamantha Says:

    Be very careful! Remember not hug too tight or the implants will pop! XD

    Seriously, if “misplaced” implants look bad, imagine if those balloons are popped. Our breast will be filled with whatever liquid the implants have. Ow, that’s a nightmare! X(

  13. robert Says:

    Well my Thai wife has breast implants,its one of the best things i have bought in thailand,she was 32 when she got them ,and they look and feel very real ,i can assure you,she was quite big when she was younger,and after 2 kids needed’filling’ up again,they were put in under the muscle,not under the skin,and are sensational,she can wear the most sexy dresses with no bra,and all her girlfriends are itch mark markly,55,000 bht well spent.They look/feel /bounce like nature intended.

  14. AsianSweetheart Says:

    It makes me sad to see young girls getting implants when they are already pretty and sexy, just not very big. But there are cases when a woman needs a little help and implants make sense. Your wife’s case sounds like one of them.

  15. yoyo Says:

    I like her. :)

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