Poo Priya unlimited heart

October 17th, 2009
Poo Priya cover of Hug magazine I saw Poo Priya on a entertainment gossip show the other day. She was filming a new lakorn and having some difficulty with one of her scenes because of her new curves. By that I mean she had a scene in which some kidnapper drugged her and stuffed her into a big box. Problem was that she is a little plumper than she used to be and couldn't quite fit into the box. You remember my post on that subject, don't you? She put on some weight while she was overseas and came home a little curvier. The first photos weren't so great but this one is pretty nice. Title of the photo shoot is "Unlimited Heart". Not sure what that's about but this is the only good photo. The rest have her wearing some very ugly fashions and accessories.