Like to write? Local expert? Make some money

August 11th, 2009

Write for Examiner

I have been seeing news stories pop up in searches from a site called Examiner. Turns out those stories are written by a lot of “local experts”, people like you maybe.

The site hires people who like to write and have a lot of local knowledge. Anybody can apply and the requirements seem pretty general, mainly that you can write a few good stories a week about something in your area. They say you can gain two things – make a name for yourself, and earn some money for your stories. It is for U.S. people only so I guess I will have to wait for something like that to come to Thailand. If you are in the U.S. then maybe it’s for you so check it out.



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17 Responses to “Like to write? Local expert? Make some money”

  1. Al Says:

    I like to talk about conventions, sports, and teen issues.

  2. Al Says:

    Especiallt Japanese culture/women. I consider myself an expert in that field.

  3. AsianSweetheart Says:

    Al, you should try writing for them. Sports and teen issues are big and if you get a lot of readers to your stories you can make some money.

  4. bosunj Says:

    Be very cautious about doing ANYTHING where the Anschutz’ are involved. Very careful. Anschutz is a radical christian conservative of the worst kind.

  5. AsianSweetheart Says:

    So if I write for them will they kidnap me and make me change my religion? Sounds scary (not).

  6. bosunj Says:

    One can imagine that were your articles not to fit within the Anschutz chirsto-fascist idea of ‘acceptable’ that you would find your submissions unpublished or heavily edited to fit their extreme point of view.

    Also, one might ask what interest a multi-billionaire christo-fascist would have in ‘independent’ writers rather than hiring a professional staff.

    Whether one writes for Phillip Anschutz or not is their business my intent is to caution rather than deter. Know who’s money your taking and how that money was accumulated.

  7. Al Says:

    Thats all good and stuff but even though I like to talk about sports and teens I think competition for those subjects are high. Not to mention both are overrated areas of study. I’d rather talk about japanese women. Then again, talking about women is also overrated. My friends talk about them everyday and ALL THE TIME. Such is is the nature of us men.
    Now I would like to explain the nature of Thai women. I could always ask you for advice Asian sweetheart since you are one yourself.

    If all else fails, teen angst is where its at. Haha.

  8. AsianSweetheart Says:

    Sports and teens are talked about a lot but always popular subjects. If you have a new or local spin on them you could be successful.

  9. AsianSweetheart Says:

    Here is a story at Examiner about food at a Thai temple in Tampa with a photo of one of the monks -> story here.

    Those christo-fascist owners must have let this one slip through. How could they let a writer encourage people to visit a Buddhist temple?

  10. Al Says:

    Sadly I don’t. Who reads about teens and sports without bashing fuel in tact? None.
    When it comes to girls, at least no one talks s–t. I mean I don’t think anyone has ever argued about a hottie in your website.

    Asian sirens…. now thats a different story.

  11. bosunj Says:

    Everybody likes Thai food? :)

  12. Al Says:

    So I submitted an application and got a response. They said they will not hire me but keep my application within their records. I must have did something wrong.

    Hey what are you gonna write about if something like examiner kept a branch in thailand?

  13. AsianSweetheart Says:

    Too bad they didn’t accept you. I don’t know what the criteria are. But if they had a Thailand branch I could write about a lot of things – celebrities, or course, also some of the local attractions in the area where I now live since it is a little bit popular with tourists both Thai and foreign.

  14. Al Says:

    No they didn’t really reject me. If a future spot opens or if my subject request is granted I will most likely get the job.
    I didn’t apply for any of the given subjects one may write about. I proposed my own subject: Chinese movies.

    Yeah I kinda expected them brushing me off since now that I think about it…. its kinda ridiculous when applied to mainstream community matters in america.

  15. Al Says:

    Okay…. I got my response…. they did not hire me and they are not keeping my application. Bummer. Lol.

    :Like I said, chinese movies? I’m just fooling myself.

  16. AsianSweetheart Says:

    I think they want a lot of topics. Like there was just that story about that amazing resort in Thailand.

  17. Randy Says:

    This is sort of off-topic–well, it is maybe far off-topic, but lately I’ve been hearing that there is a LOT of top-notch Thai fiction being written, both in novel form and short stories. As a farang interested in Thai culture, I think I could glean a lot from reading this fiction but have no idea where to start or just what good fiction has been translated into English? If you have any suggestions, Asian sweetheart, please share them with me. I will look for what I can find on Amazon and buy the rest when I visit Thailand again.

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