Can we look at Olga Kurylenko?

November 7th, 2009

Olga Kurylenko so cute

I don’t usually post farang models because, after all, they get so much exposure in the English world already. But once in a while I see a photo that is so great that I just have to share it. This photo of Olga Kurylenko is one of those.

I guess she is very famous. I don’t really know because I don’t follow the western models. It is enough for me to try and keep up with all the hotties in Thailand. But thanks to some of the posters on the forums I read I find out about some of the hot western models. That shot above of Olga, oh my, she is so cute. And in another photo below, an outfit that is a little more, um, edgy I guess.

Olga Kurylenko sexy lingerie


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15 Responses to “Can we look at Olga Kurylenko?”

  1. John Says:

    She is cute – but I don’t know whether she’s “famous” or not, either. Can’t say I’ve ever heard of her, but I don’t follow models, and I’m pretty poor at recognizing faces, particularly as hairstyles, etc., change.
    I like the “edgy” lingerie, but I HATE this trend of posing with curved back, shoulders curving forward – such poor posture. Here, IMO, she looks almost deformed in the second image.

  2. AsianSweetheart Says:

    I agree about the slouching poses. The only thing worse is the way the Japanese photographers pose their models with their arms and legs pointing in all sorts of awkward directions. They must think it looks cute but it just looks bad.

  3. Loci Says:

    Not famous? She was the most recent Bond girl (Quantum of Solace), probably because of her performance in Hitman, which is one of those “why am I watching this B-movie based on a video game yet again?” movies.

    Aside from being smoking-hot-sexy, she has an ability to emote with her eyes that makes you pay attention.

    She is far sexier than Megan Fox, if you ask me, and is not vapid like Ms. Fox.

  4. Loci Says:

    By the way, the topic of sexy short hair is on your mind, right?

    You and I aren’t the only ones who like short hair as that blog proves. In fact, it was probably her short hair in Hitman that made me a fan.

  5. AsianSweetheart Says:

    Wow, I guess she is famous. Must have been a long time since I saw a Bond movie.

    And wow, that’s a blog I need to take a look at, a short haired girls blog.

  6. bart Says:

    “the English world”, this is where all these Farangs who speak English live, right? :)

  7. AsianSweetheart Says:

    It’s a parallel universe to the non-English world. We know each other are there but we can’t communicate.

  8. Don Knight Says:

    I ended up reading your blogs through a friend from the Big Mango Blog. Take a look at the short hair girls and click on Patricia Kaas and listen to the song she is a fantastic singer


  9. Damien Sim Says:

    She appeared in Hitman, Max Payne (why do people always forget about this movie?), and Quantum of Solace

  10. Danny Says:

    wow, she looks so different in these photos. Much “lighter”. :)

  11. Mark Says:

    Is she part Asian? The name isn’t but the look is, or maybe it’s just the makeup.

  12. rodrigo Says:

    Well, Mark…she’s from Ukraine, which was once conquered by Chinghiz Khan and held by his successors for some time, so…

  13. Matt Says:

    She’s far too good-looking to be part Asian.

  14. AsianSweetheart Says:

    I think you might have that backwards.

  15. John Says:

    No, I think he meant, “She’s far too good-looking to be only PART Asian.”

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